Searchers find baby’s body in South Carolina creek, mother said she put girl in water

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SOCASTEE, S.C. – Searchers found the body of a baby in a swollen, murky South Carolina creek on Thursday, two days after a mother said she put the 5-month-old girl into the water, according to police.

Divers found the body about 3:45 p.m., Horry County police Chief Saundra Rhodes said at a news conference. Later, more than a dozen rescuers gathered in a circle, praying. Some of them wiped their eyes.

“All of us have a sense of peace knowing we can lay her to rest properly,” Rhodes said.

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On Tuesday, the girl’s mother, Sarah Lane Toney, went to a home about 500 yards across the creek and swamp from her house near Myrtle Beach and told a woman she had put her baby into the creek, police said.

Toney was taken into custody and charged with unlawful conduct toward a child. A judge denied bond Thursday before the body was found.

Toney asked officers at her bond hearing whether her baby had been found, then told the judge she should be released from jail because she didn’t plan to leave the area and needed to take care of her older daughter, who was turned over to her father after she reported her baby disappeared in the water.

“I went into the water with her, and I was unable to hold on to her,” Toney said at her bond hearing. “I didn’t intentionally put her in any danger. I was going with her, and I wasn’t able to hold on to her when the water sucked me in.”

The baby was found less than 75 yards from her home, Rhodes said. The removal of a large tree helped divers find the body, the police chief said. An autopsy has been ordered to determine how the girl died.

WATCH ABOVE: Searchers found the body of a baby in a swollen, murky South Carolina creek on Thursday, two days after a mother said she put the 5-month-old girl into the water, according to police.

Rhodes said her officers will consult with prosecutors, but she expects Toney to face charges in her daughter’s death.

Toney, who also has gone by the last name of Carlson, has an arrest record in South Carolina that dates back to 2008, according to records obtained Wednesday from the State Law Enforcement Division. They included two arrests on criminal domestic violence charges.

The search for the baby, named Grace, could only go on in daylight because the current is so swift and the murky, brown water in the swamp and creek are full of reeds, trees and other vegetation, Horry County Police spokesman Lt. Raul Denis said. Searchers used special sonar equipment, along with boats, canoes and personal watercraft to look in the 6- to 8-foot depths.

Neighbours said Toney kept mostly to herself. Kayle White said she saw Toney pushing the baby around the neighbourhood in a stroller, but they never spoke.

“She’d walk up and down the street, but I’ve never seen that baby up close,” White said.


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Alberta government moves to expand sunshine list

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EDMONTON — Doctors and university professors are on the newest list of people who could find their salaries are public knowledge.

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, introduced on Thursday, expands the province’s sunshine list, to require disclosure of salaries for all employees of public sector bodies, including Alberta Health Services and post-secondary institutions.

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  • Alberta’s sunshine list will not include salary information of Crown prosecutors

  • Salaries of top Alberta government earners made public

Bill 5 also requires disclosure of payments to doctors and other health service providers.

Board members of the province’s agencies, board, and commissions will also see their compensation made public, no how matter how much or how little they are paid.

The information will be made public once a year, with the first disclosure scheduled to happen on or before June 30, 2016.

Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley says the government has not heard any objections so far to the expanded disclosure rules.

“Public sector workers, they don’t want their privacy unfairly invaded, but they also understand that this government has a commitment to transparency, particularly when we’re dealing with…over $125,000, so it’s, sort of, higher salary range people.”

Here’s how the new legislation affects each group:

Employees of Public Sector Bodies

Who: Everyone who works for an agency, board or commission governed by the Alberta Public Agencies Act. This includes, but is not limited to, Alberta Health Services, post-secondary institutions, the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and Alberta Treasury Branches. Covenant Health will also be included, as well as independent offices of the Legislature, like the Ombudsman and Auditor General.

Threshold: Anyone who makes more than $125,000 per year. That includes base salary, overtime pay, and any other remuneration, with the exception of pension contributions.

What: If the threshold is met, the employee’s full compensation will be released, including pay, employer pension contributions, and any severance paid.

Board members

Who: Members of governing boards of agencies, boards and commissions, as well as board members of Alberta Health Services, Convenant Health, and post-secondary institutions.

Threshold: None. All names and compensation will be disclosed, regardless of the amount.

What: All compensation, including employer pension contributions and any severance paid.

Physicians and other health service providers

Who: Anyone who is paid by the province on a fee-for-service basis, including doctors, optometrists, and dentists.

Threshold: Undecided. If a threshold is set, it will be done as a regulation and not included in the Act itself.

What: Fee-for-service payments, and any other payments made to health service providers by the provincial government, Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, and the Alberta Medical Association.

Government of Alberta employees

Who: All employees of the provincial government, who are currently covered by disclosure rules introduced by the previous PC government in 2013.

What’s new: Disclosure for government employees is currently required by a Treasury Board Directive. The same employees, and the same rules, will now be part of the new Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act.

Threshold: Originally introduced at $100,000 base salary or severance, the amount increases each year based on inflation. The current threshold is $104,754.

What: All compensation, including employer pension contributions and any severance paid.

The number of people affected is difficult to determine. More than 150,000 people work for government sector agencies, and the government expects several thousand of them will see their salaries disclosed. Figures obtained by the Wildrose party last December showed 9,786 employees of Alberta Health Services alone made more than $100,000 a year in 2013.

Wildrose MLA Jason Nixon says his party is still studying the bill, but he suggests all publicly-paid workers should meet the same standard.

“To us, $104,000 is already a pretty high salary, period. And I think anybody making above $100,000 in the public sector, it’s reasonable for Albertans to know where those salaries are happening.”

The Minister of Justice could also allow some exemptions. The salaries of crown prosecutors, for example, are not released because of concerns about their safety.

Under the existing rules, 3,556 provincial employees saw their pay information released last year. The full list can be found on the Alberta Government website here.


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Sask. gov’t defends carbon capture sales pitch

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REGINA – More questions are being raised about the economic case for SaskPower’s $1.5-billion carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility.

On Thursday, the Opposition NDP cited an internal SaskPower memo leaked to the party, which suggested the project would be experimental.

Dated May 24, 2012, the briefing note said offsetting environmental impacts of coal power would require “vast advancement of existing CCS technology, the economics of which are unclear.”

The CCS plant near Estevan has been criticized in recent weeks because of poor performance and statements from the Sask. Party government and SaskPower officials that led people to believe the CCS project was “exceeding expectations.”

READ MORE: Chart shows capture performance not improving

Bill Boyd, the minister responsible for SaskPower, says despite the early challenges, he expects the project to pay off through sales of carbon dioxide (CO2) and reducing CO2 emissions from the coal-fired power plant the facility is attached to.

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  • What’s the business case for Boundary Dam?

  • NDP take aim at SaskPower exec’s travel bill

  • Wall defends silence on Boundary Dam shortcomings

“Do we proceed with coal, which we have some approximately 200 to 300 year supply of coal in Saskatchewan, or do we shut it down? We made the decision to go forward.”

Tougher federal standards for emissions would have forced Saskatchewan to make changes to coal power generation by 2019.

On Tuesday, University of Regina environmental economist Samuel Gamtessa told Global News it may be difficult to sell the world on the expertise being gained at Boundary Dam, because other countries and power utilities would simply “learn from our failures.”

“You wouldn’t consider this technology because it’s profitable,” he said. “The consideration is an environmental requirement.”

“If by accident or by luck, we make profit, that’s good.”

Boyd argued that more than 200 companies and organizations have come forward, expressing interest in what SaskPower has learned so far – including the flaws.

“These are experiences SaskPower has now that they didn’t have before,” he said. “That’s very valuable information and I think companies would agree.”

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Cost of bridge to replace Massey Tunnel estimated at $3 billion

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The bridge that will replace the George Massey Tunnel between Delta and Richmond will be longer than the new Port Mann Bridge. Higher than the new Port Mann Bridge.

And more expensive too.

“It’s a much more complex technical project than even the Port Mann Bridge was,” said Transportation Minister Todd Stone today, explaining the estimated $3 billion pricetag for the project.

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“The bridge will actually be a bit longer and at a bit higher. It will be a larger bridge overall than what the Port Mann is, mainly because of the soil conditions that have been encountered. As well as you’re crossing two sections, two different channels of the river at this particular location.”

Stone spoke to reporters on Thursday, a day after Independent MLA Vicki Huntington released a Freedom of Information request revealing a lack of public records surrounding the proposed-mega project, first announced in 2013.

READ MORE: Congested George Massey Tunnel to be replaced by bridge in 2017

Stone says the government is committed to making documents public to the project – including a business plan, which was originally promised for 2014 – but Huntington is skeptical, given the lack of records so far.

“No business case, no cost benefit analysis, no correspondence. Nothing,” she said.

“Going forward, be as transparent as you like, but we want the supporting documentation.”

The province hopes to begin construction in 2017, with a 2022 completion date. But Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says there are plenty of questions that need to be answered first.

“Exactly how is this bridge going to be financed? And is it going to be tolled – I’m sure it will be – and what are the levels of the tolls? And is it going to be a P3?” he asks.

“We need more information, we need it as soon as possible, so we as a city can respond to this project and really say what we think about it after full analysis.”

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Road pricing for Metro Vancouver discussed at Surrey forum

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The subject of road pricing was on the agenda Thursday night at a public forum in Surrey, where people were divided on whether that approach is the solution to their congestion woes.

On Monday, the Canadian Ecofiscal Commision released a report calling for a conversation surrounding tolls on bridges and busy routes across the lower mainland and other major Canadian cities.

“Our idea is that you might try tolls on the bridges that get you into the central core,” said Chris Ragan, the commission’s chair and lead on the report.

Ragan says local and provincial governments could consider a pilot project to test the idea.

WATCH: Traffic congestion is a problem in cities across Canada. But a new report says we’re not tackling it the right way. Mike Armstrong looks at whether it’s time to put an economic value on our roads, especially during peak times.

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“Well it’s certainly something that is worth studying,” said Bruce Hayne, a councillor with the city of Surrey.

“Congestion pricing pricing is something that our former mayor [Dianne] Watts was advocating years ago and continues to.”

About 60 people attended the forum, held at SFU Surrey. Some said the idea of tolling all the bridges is a good one. Others aren’t quite convinced yet.

“The new bridges I understand, but to toll all the bridges, I think they’re just trying to create revenue,” said Ken Hunter, a commuter who’s often found himself stuck in traffic.

However, Ragan points to other cities across North America, such as Minneapolis, where drivers have the choice of paying to use high occupancy toll [HOT] lanes.

“What they found there is that it reduces traffic congestion. The HOT lanes travel quickly but the non HOT lanes – let’s call them the cold lanes – they travel faster too,” he said.

“Let’s start a conversation about policies that work elsewhere and probably would work here if we gave it the good old college try.”

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Brazen drive-by shooting on Stephen Avenue tied to abduction: Calgary police

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CALGARY – Police investigating a brazen drive-by shooting on a busy downtown Calgary street believe it is connected to an abduction that happened the night before.

Gunfire erupted in the 200 block of Stephen Avenue S.W. just after 10:30 p.m. on Thursday while the popular entertainment district was packed with people.

Police said a man and a woman, both in their 20s, were standing on the sidewalk when a vehicle approached and someone inside opened fire.

The victims were rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds. Both are listed in serious but non-life-threatening condition.

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The violent attack took place in front of a McDonald’s in the Scotia Centre, leaving two large panes of glass shattered. A stray bullet entered the fast food eatery and struck the back wall.

Police said the restaurant was closed at the time, but workers were still inside cleaning up and were quite shaken.

A bullet hole is seen in the wall of a McDonald’s located in the 200 block of Stephen Avenue S.W.

Global News

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  • Man rushed to hospital after Marlborough Park shooting

  • Police searching for suspect in Panorama Hills shooting

The Calgary Police Service Guns and Gangs Unit rushed to the scene of the attack.

A vehicle believed to be connected to the shooting was later found at a gas station in the 2000 block of 16 Avenue N.W. Police took two people who were in the vehicle in for questioning.

Inspector Rob Davidson said that vehicle was believed to be the one involved in an abduction that occurred in the same location on Wednesday night.

“We are not looking at random isolated events,” he said. “This appears to be much more targeted.”

READ MORE: Possible kidnapping caught on camera in downtown Calgary

Davidson said the Stephen Avenue shooting was not connected to gangs or two shootings that happened earlier this week, however, he suggested the abduction and Stephen Avenue shooting were connected to drugs.

“We believe that the persons of interest in custody are also likely involved in other crime, violent crime that has occurred in the city, and those are also ongoing investigations,” he said.

– With files from Bindu Suri and Tony Tighe

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Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence research

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TOKYO (AP) — Toyota is investing $1 billion in a research company it’s setting up in Silicon Valley to develop artificial intelligence and robotics, underlining the Japanese automaker’s determination to lead in futuristic cars that drive themselves and apply the technology to other areas of daily life.

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Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda said Friday the company will start operating from January 2016, with 200 employees at a Silicon Valley facility near Stanford University. A second facility will be established near Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

The investment, which will be spread over five years, comes on top of $50 million Toyota announced earlier for artificial intelligence research at Stanford and MIT.

READ MORE: Google’s drivers of driverless cars do a job that may soon be obsolete

Toyota said its interest extended beyond autonomous driving, which is starting to be offered by some automakers and being promised by almost all of them. The technology was pointing to a new industry for everyday use, delivering a safer lifestyle overall, it said.

Toyota has already shown an R2-D2-like robot designed to help the elderly, the sick and people in wheelchairs by picking up and carrying objects. The automaker has also shown human-shaped entertainment robots that can carry on conversations and play musical instruments. As the world’s top auto manufacturer, Toyota already uses sophisticated robotic arms and computers in auto production, including doing paint jobs and screwing in parts.

To drive home the message that the automaker’s vision was more than about just cars, Toyoda appeared at a Tokyo hotel with high profile robotics expert Gill Pratt, who will head the new organization called Toyota Research Institute Inc.

Pratt was formerly a program manager at the U.S. military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He joined Toyota as a technical adviser when it set up its AI research effort at Stanford and MIT.

WATCH: The U.K. government believes driverless cars could save motorists six working weeks a year in driving time, reduce congestion, cut emissions and improve safety. Emily Elias reports.

Pratt said the company’s goals are to support older people in their homes with robotics, make cars free of accidents and use AI to allow all people to drive regardless of ability.

He gave three examples from his personal life that motivate him to develop robotics and related technology: when he was a child, seeing a boy on a bicycle killed by a car; telling his 83-year-old father he could no longer drive; and sending his father to a nursing home when he was 84.

Pratt, who grew up on Japanese robot animation and dreamed of one day building such robots, said he chose Toyota over other jobs because it was “so focused on social good.”

He said coming up with a car as smart as a human being will take a long time. But that also meant the competition had just begun and no one was ahead significantly, he said.

The new company will be hiring researchers and engineers, according to Toyota. Wooing talent is crucial because not only are automakers such as General Motors, Tesla and Nissan competing on autonomous driving but outsiders are as well, including Google, Apple and Uber.

Toyota, which has gone through troubled times with massive recalls and the 2011 tsunami in northeastern Japan, has the cash these days to invest in the future.

On Thursday, it kept its profit forecast for the fiscal year through March 2016 unchanged at 2.25 trillion yen ($18.5 billion), as profit rose on cost cuts and the benefits of a weak yen. The maker of the Prius hybrid and Camry sedan is on track to sell about 10 million vehicles around the world this year.

Toyoda, ranked by Forbes in this year’s “powerful people” list as the most powerful Japanese, said he looks forward to working with Pratt because they share a vision.

“The goal is to do away with the tragedy of car accidents,” he told reporters.

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‘I trusted what they were telling me’: a student’s frustration with Direct Energy

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LETHBRIDGE – Fighting to get her Direct Energy refund has been a seven month battle for Ashleigh Ahlstrom.

The 20-year-old claims she has yet to receive the $121 refund promised after cancelling her services in April.

The energy giant was charged on Wednesday by the Alberta government for violating fair business practices for its customers. One of those charges was failing to refund a deposit within 15 days after cancellation.

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READ MORE: Alberta charges Direct Energy with failing to cancel contract, give refund

“It is really frustrating, I trusted what they were telling me and nothing ever happened,” said Ahlstrom.

The third-year University of Lethbridge student had registered with Direct Energy after deciding to rent her own home for the first time. When the school year was coming to an end, she gave one months notice to cut her utility services, because she was moving back home to Calgary for the summer. She then received a note on her last bill telling her she would be getting a $121 refund.

In June, she called the company after no cheque ever showed up in the mail, and was told she would have the money soon. After a couple months went by and still no refund, she contacted them again, and was told they would not resend the cheque because it was already in the mail.

Ashleigh Ahlstrom with letter from Direct Energy after she filed complaint about not receiving her refund.

She sent a detailed email to their complaints department and received a letter thanking her for the feedback and asking for additional information in order to make changes to her account.

“I trusted them since April, so I just gave up, because it is just defeating when no one listens to you,” added Ahlstrom.

In a statement Direct Energy said:

After an internal investigation it was discovered that the cheque was sent to the customer’s previous address. We will correct this situation with Ms. Ahlstrom as soon as possible, and the agent has been retrained on this procedure. Direct Energy apologizes to Ms. Ahlstrom for her inconvenience.

After Global News contacted the company on Thursday afternoon, Ahlstrom said they called her twice to try and rectify the issue.

“I think having them call me twice because they knew I was going to speak to the media, really shows how they are conducting their company,” she said.

She says the address she listed for a refund is the same address Direct Energy mailed their response to her emailed complaint, which she received promptly.

“If it was an address issue, why did they not contact me when they realized it was an address issue,” she said.

As she waits for the new refund, she is concerned others are still waiting on their repayment cheques, and encourages them to also speak out.


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New poll shows skepticism over decision to destroy Vancouver viaducts

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They may be coming down – but not every one is happy about it.

That’s what a new poll by Insights West says about the Vancouver viaducts. In an online survey of 547 people in Metro Vancouver, just 36 per cent of people said they supported city council’s decision last month to take down the mini-freeway, compared to 40 per cent who opposed the decision.

In addition, 85 per cent said there was no guarantee it would lead to affordable housing, 71 per cent said they believed it would only benefit developers and not average residents, and 70 per cent said it would increase traffic in the area – all running contrary to the city’s claims.

“This is something that has been consistent the past couple of years,” says Mario Canseco, Vice President, Public Affairs, at Insights West.

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“There’s a lot of cynicism from the voters in Metro Vancouver and the city of Vancouver especially when it comes to development. And they are looking at the issue of the Georgia Viaducts coming down as a way for the developers to benefit, and not the average citizen.”

READ MORE: Many months and negotiations to go before viaducts go down

Minister of Transportation Todd Stone says the government shares some of the concerns seen in the poll.

“From a provincial perspective, I am concerned with respect to potential impacts on traffic flow from a regional perspective. This is why TransLink needs to be at this table. Some of these roads are part of their major road network, we want to make sure the removal of the viaducts doesn’t in any way compromise that flow of traffic in and out of Vancouver,” he said.

The City of Vancouver has given itself 18 months to come up with a design plan and negotiate land deals. The teardown of viaducts could begin by late 2017 and be complete by 2020.

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Serena Williams chases down would-be robber, gets cellphone back

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Serena Williams, who is known for slamming her opponents on the court, slammed the door on a would-be robber who stole her cellphone on Tuesday.

A video captured the tennis star dining at a restaurant in San Francisco when a man approached her table inconspicuously. With a jacket draped over his arm for cover, he managed to grab the phone and take off.

The Wimbledon champion was quick to spot that her cellphone was missing and took off after the man she thought who took It.

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  • Serena Williams wins Wimbledon title for the 6th time

  • Toronto rapper Drake cheers on top-seeded Serena Williams at Rogers Cup

  • Serena Williams survives scare to earn Wimbledon matchup with Venus

The tennis star chased down and confronted the man on the street outside the restaurant.

Whether or not she had to use her on-the-court demeanor when confronting the man to return her belonging, Williams did indeed get the phone back.

“In the most menacing yet calm no nonsense voice I could muster I kindly asked him if he “accidentally” took the wrong phone,” Williams wrote in a post on her Facebook page. “He stumbled on his words probably not expecting this to happen. “While he was thinking of the right thing to say and eventually he said ‘Gosh you know what I did! It was so confusing in there. I must have grabbed the wrong phone.’”

Williams’ companion at the restaurant began calling the phone and she could hear it ringing while in the man’s possession.

According to a KPIX FIVE report, fellow diners gave her a standing ovation when she returned with her cellphone in hand.

Williams said in her Facebook post that she had a “SUPERHERO sense” about the man and called herself “SuperSerena.”

The San Francisco Police Department told KPIX FIVE News that they’d like to speak to Williams about the incident in an effort to find out if the man has stolen other cell phones.


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Vancouver demolition numbers at a 10-year high

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A wave of demolition in Point Grey is giving Brian Evans infill flashbacks.

“Beginning of the 1980s, we lived about 15 blocks from here, we found the neighbourhood was changing rapidly, houses being torn down,” says Evans.

The homes near Vine Street and West 22nd Avenue were being replaced with what he calls “mega-houses”. Evans says he made news headlines at the time as one of the last hold-outs until they finally had enough.

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Now, history is repeating itself with demolition numbers in 2015 at a 10-year high. In 2005, Vancouver saw 803 units come crashing. This year there have been 1,141, including pending applications.

READ MORE: House and condo prices in Greater Vancouver continue to climb

“The houses are being bought, houses are being built, but a lot of them are unoccupied. They are clearly investments,” he says.

Demolition companies like J&R Excavation says they are barely able to keep up with new clients being placed on a waiting list.

“On average I would say we’re tearing down at least one house a week,” says Trevor Bauder, who spent the day tearing down an older home in east Vancouver.

A new home with a rental suite is being built in its place: an increasing trend on the east side, as homes are torn down to make room for more density.

Some area residents say the face of their community is changing too quickly. With the City of Vancouver approving Shaughnessy as its first heritage neighbourhood, they hope similar designations will slow down to pace of demolition.

“I sent a text to my husband saying another one bites the dust,” says neighbour Kim Larter. “It’s sad to see these old houses getting torn down.”

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Desharnais, Gallagher goals pace Canadiens 4-1 over Islanders

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MONTREAL – David Desharnais and Brendan Gallagher scored 1:33 apart in the third period to lift the Montreal Canadiens to a 4-1 victory over the New York Islanders on Thursday night.

Dale Weise and Tomas Plekanec also scored for Montreal (12-2-1), which has not lost in regulation time (3-0-1) in four games since Mike Condon replaced the injured Carey Price as the starting goaltender.

Kyle Okposo scored for the Islanders (7-4-3), who are 1-2-2 in their last five games.

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READ MORE: Kyle Turris scores early in OT to lift Senators past Canadiens 2-1

Montreal had a 24-18 shot advantage and beat former Canadiens goaltender Jaroslav Halak for only the second time in six meetings.

Weise, with his fifth goal in the last four games, was in the slot to redirect a Jeff Petry feed past Halak on a power play at 18:50 of the first period. It was Weise’s team-leading eighth goal of the season, two short of his career high.

The Canadiens had just killed a penalty when Okposo skated through the defence into the slot and beat Condon with a wrist shot 3:35 into the second frame.

READ MORE: Leafs coach Mike Babcock expected to coach Canada at 2016 World Cup

A puck tipped in the neutral zone glanced off linesman Michel Cormier and sent the Canadiens in on a two on one, which Desharnais finishing a feed from Tomas Fleischmann 6:22 into the third.

Gallagher was on the doorstep to deflect a Max Pacioretty shot between Halak’s pads at 7:55.

Plekanec got his sixth of the season into an empty net at 17:57.

Montreal killed all three Islander power plays and have yet to allow a short-handed goal at home in 23 chances this season.

The Canadiens complete a four-game homestand Saturday against Boston. The Isles play host to the Bruins on Sunday.


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Saskatoon Hilltops seek fifth Canadian Bowl title in six years

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SASKATOON  – After winning four of the last five Canadian Bowls, the Saskatoon Hilltops could be excused for treating this year’s championship as a case of ‘been there, done that.’ But this one is different.

The Hilltops are playing for national glory on home turf. The last time that happened was in 2010, before any members of the current roster were on the team.

“It’s going to be a special moment to sort of realize that we’re in our surroundings, we’re at home and we’re in this beautiful place, but ultimately you’ve got to forget about that when you get between the lines,” said head coach Tom Sargeant.

“We’ve got an Okanagan Sun team that has worked real hard to get here as well and they’re looking to knock us off the pedestal.”

Watch below: Okanagan Sun warm up for Canadian Bowl

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  • WATCH: Okanagan Sun warm up for Canadian Bowl

  • Saskatoon Hilltops receive PFC year-end honours

They haven’t faced each other in well over a decade but the Hilltops and Sun have plenty of shared history.

They’ve met on seven previous occasions including two in the Canadian Bowl, with each team winning once. The Sun are making their first trip to the title game since 2004 after running the table in the BCFC this season. They combine a high-octane offence with arguably the stingiest defence in the country, which should make for a great matchup against the Hilltops.

“Film tells a lot but it doesn’t tell everything. You never really know until you play someone,” said quarterback Jared Andreychuk.

“They’re a really big, strong, physical team and they have lots of athletes out there, so it’s going to be a fight.”

It’s a fight the Hilltops pivot is ready for despite admitting to some pre-game jitters.

READ MORE: Running game helps propel Saskatoon Hilltops to Canadian Bowl

“I’m not one to get nervous but Canadian Bowls, they get me nervous. It usually works out. I play well under pressure and hopefully that will be the same this weekend,” he said.

So will Saskatoon climb to the top once more or will Okanagan ride into the sunset with the victory? The answer will come on Saturday.


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