435 charges laid in Edmonton drug trafficking investigation

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EDMONTON – More than 400 charges have been laid against 78 people in connection with a month-long investigation into street-level drug trafficking in northwest Edmonton.

After receiving reports of alleged drug trafficking in the Alberta Avenue area, police conducted an operation between Sept. 8 and Oct. 2.

It included undercover operations and resulted in four search warrants executed and 78 arrests.

Of the 435 criminal charges laid, 107 were for drug trafficking, 93 were weapons related, 66 were breach charges, and 169 were for other offences.

During the operation, officers seized several weapons, including guns, batons, knives and a crossbow. Police also seized a variety of illegal drugs worth more than $50,000, including 1.1 litres of GHB, 395 grams of crystal meth, 80 grams of marijuana, 200 Dialudid pills and 100 codeine pills.

Drugs seized in Edmonton police operation between Sept 8/15 and Oct 2/15

Courtesy: Edmonton Police Service

A newly released report by the BC Coroners Service details how youth drug overdose deaths can be prevented.

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“The high volume of drug-related activity has had a negative impact on both the businesses and residents in the area,” said EPS Acting Insp. Jonathan Coughlan. “We believe the results of this investigation will be felt across this community in a positive way.”

Coughlan said information from the public helped to identify people involved in illegal drug activities in the area.

“Thank you to those who called police after witnessing suspicious events.”



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