Boy with autism braves haircut thanks to barber’s unique technique

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Jamie Lewis and Denine Davies’ son Mason was diagnosed with autism a few months ago, and the couple had struggled to find a barber who could help Mason feel comfortable during a haircut. Because of the sensory overload people with Autism Spectrum Disorder can experience, haircuts are often difficult and even painful.


The family was recommended James Williams’ barber shop ‘Jim the Trim’ in Briton Ferry, Wales. The family built up a relationship with the barber with trips to the shop over a three month period because Mason, like others with autism, have a difficult time adjusting to change. Then, during one visit Mason finally received his long awaited haircut —; while he lay playing on the floor.

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“I know how difficult it can be and my main concern was making sure Mason was happy and not upset,” James Williams told Britain’s Daily Mail.

“So when I saw he was comfortable on the floor, I thought nothing of getting down on my belly and having a go.”

Mason had been lying on the floor playing with his mother’s phone and Williams jumped at the opportunity; he joined the four-year-old on the floor to give the boy his first haircut in two years.

A Facebook post including pics of the trim has since gone viral, having been shared thousands of times across social media. On the post Williams said he went to give Mason their usual high-five that they do at the end of their visits, but the boy wasn’t having it.

“The finishing touch I asked for a high 5 he gave me a hug instead that’s true #barberlove.”


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