Goodale cabinet posting a ‘demotion’ for Saskatchewan: professor

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SASKATOON – Is it a Saskatchewan snub? Some may think so.

The day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his new cabinet, reaction is coming in from Saskatchewan on how well we are represented.

The sole Liberal MP elected in the province, Ralph Goodale, will take the portfolio of public safety and emergency preparedness.

Some were expecting a more prominent position for Goodale, who has previously had five cabinet positions including finance minister.



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University of Saskatchewan political studies professor David McGrane is calling the posting a “demotion” for the province.

“I guess I would compare what Saskatchewan has compared to Manitoba and Alberta,” McGrane told Global News. “[They] both have two ministers, so that’s four ministers from those Prairie provinces, all of them big portfolios.”

“I think Liberals in Saskatchewan have to be disappointed that we weren’t more important for Justin Trudeau than that.”

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Among Goodale’s responsibilities will be the controversial Bill C-51, also know has the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The appointment makes Goodale the only member of caucus to have served under both Pierre and Justin Trudeau.

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