Julia Roberts on Hollywood, motherhood and her niece Emma

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Hollywood‘s changed a lot since Julia Roberts became a household name, and that’s exactly why she probably wouldn’t have become an actress in today’s showbiz landscape.


“There’s a sport to it now, to being known in the world, that doesn’t suit my personality,” the Oscar-winner tells ET Canada’s Matte Babel. “I just didn’t have that hearty resolve… to stand firmly in the sort of windstorm of popular opinion and instant information and tweeting.”

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But her niece, Scream Queens actress Emma Roberts, seems to be doing well in today’s fame game, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Aunt Julia.

“Emma is such an awesome girl, and she’s a great actor and she knows who she is,” says Roberts.

But how would she feel about having her own kids becoming actors?

“Well, that’s a bridge I’ll cross one day,” the “Secret In Their Eyes” star says.

Sounds like it may just be a matter of time before we see Hazel, Phinnaeus or Henry in front of a camera, but for now mama Roberts is the only actor in their home.

Her latest film, Secret in their Eyes, has her playing an FBI agent investigating her own daughter’s murder. It’s a dark role for anyone, not to mention a parent, but she managed to keep her professional and personal lives separate while filming the movie, saying, “I made a very conscious choice in deciding to take on this part that I was not going to let my life intersect it.”

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