Montreal West Children’s Library revitalized and re-opened

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MONTREAL – Storytime at the Montreal West Children’s Library was a little different Friday.

After months of renovations, children and grown-ups alike got their chance to see the improved facility.

Students at the adjoining Elizabeth Ballantyne school spent the day checking out books and the brand new library.

“It’s more kiddish because before it was just like a library,” said student Miyah Grasso.

“Now, it’s got decorations and balloons up there. It’s awesome.”

The library was closed for the summer for urgent repairs to the floors and walls.

It also got a facelift with new seating, lighting and decorations.

The total price tag: $420,000.

While the library raised a portion of the funds, they got a big boost from…well, they’re not quite sure.

“We had two big anonymous donors,” said head librarian Julia Stark.

Elizabeth Ballantyne principal Otis Delaney isn’t surprised that such a tight knit library met its $100,000 fundraising goal.

“It shows the strength of community. We have different people out there who have come through these doors,” he told Global News.

“Once they hear help is needed, they’re ready to jump.”

Although you can’t judge a book – or a library – by its cover, sometimes you can’t help but smile over something shiny and new.

The Montreal West Childrens’ Library has a fresh new look, but its librarians insist it definitely still has the same classic books.



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