New poll shows skepticism over decision to destroy Vancouver viaducts

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They may be coming down – but not every one is happy about it.

That’s what a new poll by Insights West says about the Vancouver viaducts. In an online survey of 547 people in Metro Vancouver, just 36 per cent of people said they supported city council’s decision last month to take down the mini-freeway, compared to 40 per cent who opposed the decision.

In addition, 85 per cent said there was no guarantee it would lead to affordable housing, 71 per cent said they believed it would only benefit developers and not average residents, and 70 per cent said it would increase traffic in the area – all running contrary to the city’s claims.

“This is something that has been consistent the past couple of years,” says Mario Canseco, Vice President, Public Affairs, at Insights West.


“There’s a lot of cynicism from the voters in Metro Vancouver and the city of Vancouver especially when it comes to development. And they are looking at the issue of the Georgia Viaducts coming down as a way for the developers to benefit, and not the average citizen.”

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Minister of Transportation Todd Stone says the government shares some of the concerns seen in the poll.

“From a provincial perspective, I am concerned with respect to potential impacts on traffic flow from a regional perspective. This is why TransLink needs to be at this table. Some of these roads are part of their major road network, we want to make sure the removal of the viaducts doesn’t in any way compromise that flow of traffic in and out of Vancouver,” he said.

The City of Vancouver has given itself 18 months to come up with a design plan and negotiate land deals. The teardown of viaducts could begin by late 2017 and be complete by 2020.

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