Toronto garbage and water rates set to rise

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Two essential city services could soon cost Toronto residents even more.

Toronto city staff are urging council to hike residential water bills by eight per cent, and solid waste management levy by three per cent.

The eight per cent increase would help with both the $9.5 million dollar deficit and will also address needed repairs on aging infrastructure.

Councillor Janet Davis said the only way the city gets revenue for water is through usage.

“We have over a billion dollars, now and in the future another $2.5 billion  of infrastructure that we need to keep our pipes, water pipes, sewer pipes in good repair … There is no other way to pay for it,” Davis said.

“I jokingly asked… show me the line in the budget on the revenue side from  the provincial and federal government…[they] say there isn’t one. It’s zero. Our entire water infrastructure and operations are funded when you turn on the tap… we are also in a situation where water usage is going down.”


Budget Chair Gary Crawford added these hikes are need to fund repair projects.

“We have a lot of backlogs in infrastructure and a lot of work that has to take place and that’s where the bulk of these increases are going,” Crawford said.

“It’s really about how do we get the money into the capital to be able to fix the roads, to be able to fix the water infrastructure and solid waste all across the city.”

The city has also put forward a possible hike in solid waste management, which Councillor John Campbell says will encourage people to recycle.

“Trash is a problem,” Campbell said.

“We have a long term problem with garbage that is not going to go away and we can’t ignore it. We need to get people to recycle more.”

The city is asking to increase annual rates for garbage bin pick up, which varies depending on the size of the bin.

This would mean collection fees for residents with medium garbage bins would go up by roughly $9 to $297.

They are also considering removing rebates off houses with extra-large garbage bins, which would see an increased cost of $124.48.

City council will discuss possible hikes in December.

Single Family Residential Rates – 2015 Annual Rates

Small bin, $237.64
Medium bin, $288.49
Large bin, $391.80
Extra Large bin, $454.45
Bag Only, $152.13

Single Family Residential Rates – 2016 Annual Rates
Small bin, $244.77
Medium bin, $297.14
Large bin, $403.55
Extra Large bin, $468.08
Bag Only, $156.69

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